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Eduful's corporation, PHF Co., Ltd.


learners obsessed

We’re customer first and see humans behind the numbers.



We keep our egos low and use user insights to make decisions.



Our curiosity helps us view tough situations more creatively.

The story of Eduful

Eduful's corporation, PHF Co., Ltd.

2004 - Prepare for liftoff

With the establishment of the company in 2004, SK International Telephone 00700 has been operating as a sole distributor, building and developing a global service network with domestic and foreign companies, universities, travel agencies, travel agencies, airlines, and private institutes.

2008 - Skyrocketing

After the transformation into a corporation, we are growing into a specialized company in education, IT, and telecommunications.

2010 - Acceleration

Education projects (phone English, video English, language training, study abroad) were mainly outsourced to external companies.

2020 - Unstoppable

As a social issue, we have launched phone English and video English as a direct business through our infrastructure.

Eduful Brand Guide

Eduful is a compound word of = education + ful


1. Noun: the action or process of teaching someone especially in a school, college, or university see also
2. Noun: the knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school, college, or university
3. Noun: a field of study that deals with the methods and problems of teaching


1. Adjective suffix: full of
2. Adjective suffix: characterized by
3. Adjective suffix: having the qualities of
4. Noun suffix: the number or amount that fills or would fill

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